Thursday, 10 May 2012

Webfire Review : My Experience Using Webfire To Up My Online Traffic

Simple, easy, effective.

Based on my personal usage of Webfire, I'd say these three words describe the traffic generator WebFire. The Webfire software interface is very easy and simple to navigate.

If you want to rank for a keyword on your site, just type the keyword into the query box, along with your site’s URL, and after a few seconds, you will get a quick summary report of the ease of your keyword that you want to rank for.

There's a colour coded,  green check mark, good chance to rank, and orange, may have a small problem,  red means there's a major problem fix right now.

Simple, easy, effective.

It also contains things like missing keywords in title tag. Even has a ‘fix this now’ within the dashboard and takes you straight to the problem at hand.

WebFire will do a back link comparison. It tells you the averages across the top ten search results of the first page of the major search engines, such as; Google, Yahoo, Bing  and gives you in-depth results on how to beat your competitors.

So you can use the tool inside like Macroleads Fire and Omnileads to find the top ranked website traffic.

You can also spit out an advanced report that is highly detailed for a more comprehensive breakdown and analysis to ensure you get good rankings and help with you web page traffic.

This piece of software even gives ideas to various keywords if competition looks too high for a certain search phrase that you’ve entered.

If help you address the SEO issue so you don't need to spend ages working out what do add to your site. You get the alt tags for images for the top then results are shown and even shows the image itself within the dashboard.

Webfire also gives you a list of related keywords and even displays your ability to rank them. If they are ok, then you can select them, but if they are strong words then take them. This is done with a special formula to see if you have a decent chance to rank and thus increase web traffic.

There's some more great stuff which is the basis of this WebFire Review.

Content is very important and so is SEO. This system can generate category specific content so you can copy and paste it directly into your website.

You can get free exposure, free traffic and targeted web traffic through guest blogging.

The Video Firestorm tool is brilliant for turning an article into a video and automatically talk with a real human sounding voice (you can choose a male or female voice for your video). 

You can choose your own backgrounds or one of theirs, then upload direct to the top video sites that will get you to ranked better help you learn how to get traffic. You can even record your own voice and implant your own face into it for increase your website visitors.

There are domain name tools to help you find  exited domains that are already ranking. This makes it so easy for your its amazing.

Its easy to pick the right domains with the monthly search volumes  and the available domain name. The right domain name can be worth a fortune to you. Its like stealing the top rankings (but not in a way that will get you arrested).

Site tools include RSS submitter site submitter, with one click and its all done. Any time you make changes to your website, you can re-summit your site into the site submitter so the search engines can pick up on the fact the your website is updated.

This is another tool to help increase traffic and get you more free traffic.

You can submit press releases to show up in the news. Each is manually renewed to ensure quality content. If yours is turned down you can go back and tweak it and resubmit it.

An actual news press release – covering your own service or site these have to be less promotional like as they go to news and media companies all over the world.

The article spinner is a great tool for producing multiple articles.

The article submitter gets your article on the top websites only and so improves both your website ranking and your web stats.

Every article and every video is a unique and powerful source for backlinks to your website.

Spin an article, auto have it spun, auto submit, auto create video, auto submit video, auto guest blog post. There’s a variation of keyword tools for buyer words, review words, local businesses versus, alternatives.

The leads tools are so great and powerful (Macroleads Fire and Omnileads) to find sites in your niche / market that rank top of Google, Yahoo, Bing and allows you to post / comment report or recommend etc. These are top ways to get free exposure to your site from high ranked keywords in seconds and grow your web stats.

For example, the Omnileads tool can search forums, blogs, threads/posts. That are one day old, one week, one month, or start and end date range. This allows you to comment / post on highly sought after and hot topics giving instant traffic back to your site.

You can also setup alerts so when the new leads have popped up, if there are new mentions…you get alerted to the fact. Q&A sites alerts, from sites such as; Yahoo Answers, etc

This software is great for driving traffic to your website, leads, expiring domains, rankings and much more.

There are an amazing 22 increase traffic tools within Webfire and a handful are mentioned in this review that you can used to get fast expose and greater web traffic from the top pages for Google, Bing and Yahoo.

I’ve really only just scratched the surface with this software.

Based on the results I have personally seen increased site visitors (a 150% traffic increase on just one of my websites and over 100% on another site) all I can say is check it out: